Identification of service needs

Let us help you identify your specific service needs

Have you considered entering a service agreement and optimising the operation of your laboratory equipment? If you haven’t – what is holding you back?

The right service is a question of combining your service needs with the right solutions, so that you will get an optimum and profitable combination. We believe that considerations about the choice of service solution should be made already at the investment phase when you choose new laboratory equipment. In fact, it could turn out to be a very costly affair – perhaps even loss-sustaining – if you do not consider the service need before you are in the middle of an emergency.Servicegraf 2

So, allow us to ask
When you have decided to invest in new laboratory equipment, have you then also considered your service options? Or more specifically how you can work with your supplier to optimise the operation of the equipment through long-term and productive collaboration.

Or put a little differently: Have you considered your present service needs and the solutions you are being offered? And not least, which solutions give you and your company the most value?

And have you considered what the worst case scenario is if you do not consider your service needs before making an investment? What happens if the supplier you have chosen cannot deliver the service you need in the long term?

The questions you should ask yourself are numerous
Here are a few:

  • Do you or your colleagues have the qualifications or the time to carry out maintenance, repairs and inspections or perform other services?
  •  Are these qualifications of a permanent nature, or do they disappear if just one employee leaves the company?
  • What do you consider important in relation to service? What is most essential to you?
  • What does the law require of the procured equipment? And what is recommended in relevant standards?
  • Do you have the right access to the technical documentation, product updates, spare parts and technical support?
  • Is your supplier’s service personnel specially trained, and can it be documented?
  • Are there any advantages of choosing a Danish supplier? What about response time, language, price, etc.?
  • How important are the service supplier's size and possibilities of offering supply security, response time and flexibility?

And the answers?
It is our experience that the individual user, quite rightly, finds it difficult to assess what the actual service need is – including the need for service in connection with installation and subsequent service.
At Holm & Halby, we have therefore made it a key issue to clarify and cover your service needs. We will contribute to everyday safety in the laboratory you work in. Through dialogue, we will help you ask the right questions and find the answers relevant to your business.

We basically offer two scenarios
On the one hand, we can offer you our standard range of services.
On the other, we can offer you a collaboration in which we identify your service needs together. The purpose is to give you the best experience possible and maximum benefit from your equipment. All the while, we will ensure you benefit fully from the supplier and customer relationship, which we consider a partnership. Briefly put, we offer to combine your situation, your requests and challenges with consequence and benefit and to find the specific solutions that will suit you the best.
If you would like to contact us with a view to arranging a discussion of your service needs, please contact us here or call us on +45 4326 9400.

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