Technology financing

Do you need money for equipment?

And can you make room in the budget? Then we can help you. Holm & Halby presently offers leasing agreements on market terms.

Leasing has become an attractive way to finance new purchases; in fact it is unlikely that you will find a company in Denmark that does not lease some sort of equipment, whether it is a copying machine, a vehicle fleet or process machinery. Today’s leasing options easily surpasses bank financing or the like.

As far as leasing is concerned, Holm & Halby are not in it to make money – we are by no means an intermediary that adds to the costs – and this is what makes our offer competitive. We go above and beyond the usual standards to help you with your leasing needs. We will always try to find a solution.

Why choose leasing?
There is no down payment, and we offer 100% financing, which means the money is not tied up in anything and can therefore be used elsewhere. When you choose leasing, you do not renounce the right to depreciation. On the contrary, depreciation of leased equipment is for many businesses more profitable than self-financing would be.

Leased equipment is future-proof. You can keep your equipment up to date without added costs. You are quite simply using your free capital for new investments.

At the same time, leasing is an insurance against unforeseen expenses, the lease payments are set at the beginning, and they stay the same throughout the leasing period. It doesn’t get much easier.

Why choose technology financing with Holm & Halby’s technology security

•    Possibility to make substitutions without added costs
•    Up-to-date equipment

Fixed leasing payments, via the operating budget if relevant

•    No unforeseen expenses
•    Simple budgeting

How? – Ask for a leasing offer 
We ask you to consider in advance how much room you have in your budget and for how many years you would like to lease the equipment.
Based on your information, we will then make you an offer.