News: Cleanroom Update 2023

Join us for an exciting day in March for presentations on trending topics – for those working in a cleanroom.

The requirements for products used in cleanrooms are changing constantly. That’s why we have decided to conduct an annual “Cleanroom Update” seminar, where we will be inviting experts to give their views on how to handle the various tasks.

News: Cleanroom Update 2023

News: Cleanroom Update 2023

Date: Wednesday 22 March at Holm & Halby premises in Brøndby, Denmark
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Date: Thursday 23 March at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Aarhus, Denmarkregister here

We will start the day with breakfast at 08:30. Then we will move straight on to our four brilliant and inspiring keynote speakers, who will talk about their topics until 14:30. We will be serving a nice lunch, tea, coffee and cake during the day.

The four exciting topics are:

  • We will be joined by Gordon Farquharson, Annex 1 expert, who will go through the latest amendments to Annex 1 in relation to cleanroom testing and the principles of contamination control.

  • Joining us from Contec, Jon Cerasale will be talking about “Disinfectants for Cleanrooms” – Regulatory Implications – on the basis of the relevant new Annex 1 and the EU’s ”Biocidal Products Regulation” (BPR).

  • We will also be joined by Kim Huneck from Ansell, a manufacturer of gloves. The topic will be choosing the right gloves, which is important when working in, for example, sterile environments. Ansell's Cytostatic Permeation Program (ACPP) will be reviewed, which has breakthrough times based on dynamic tests instead of the usual static ones.

  • Cleaning with robots is an exciting new thing – Bo Thrane from Danish manufacturer Blue Ocean Robotics will tell us about what UVD robots can do for cleaning at hospitals and in the pharmaceutical industry. The robots are already up and running on many installations all over the world, and Bo will be sharing the vast experience made so far.

If you would like to know more about Cleanroom Update 2023, please contact
Hanne Søhus by email at: or telephone: +45 4326 9446.

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