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Meet our Life Science Team, and read more about our suppliers and products for microbiology and cells.

Holm & Halby has more than ten years of experience with sales and service of equipment for microbiology and cells. In 2017, we established a team of product specialists dedicated to this area. We call it our “Life Science Team”.

Our LifeScience Team




HH2020 RJ

Product specialist

Telephone: +45 4326 9435
E-mail: rj@holm-halby.dk

Autoclaves, freeze drying


HH2020 THL


Product specialist

Telephone: +45 4326 9402
E-mail: thl@holm-halby.dk

Incubators, Heating cabinets, Centrifuges, & IUL

Products and suppliers within microbiology and cells

The suppliers in the Life Sciences area have also been selected carefully, and they rank among the best in the world. All suppliers live up to our requirements for high quality, safety and technology.


Here you can see a list of our suppliers and their products.
Click on a logo to go to the supplier’s website.

 Applikon _Logo _Blue _150


Applikon is our supplier of fermentors/bioreactors
Read more here


Certoclav Logo Table autoclaves of 12 - 45 liters
Logo Haier (1) CO2 Incubators
Integra Plate filling machines, media preparators, Bunsen burners, dispensing pumps and pipet helpers.
Logo IUL Manufacturer of microbiology instruments. For example colony counters, EDDY JET spiral plater, Bio-diluter, plate handler and much more.
Kuhner Shaker Logo 135 Shakers, incubator shakers of supreme quality, five-year guarantee on all shakers.
Logo Labogene 2019 LAF cabinets, safety cabinets, freeze drying and more
 Lab Robot _LOGO 150 Semi-automatic serial dilutions with ready-to-use dilution cups. Easy and reproducible
Milestone  Milestone - microwave and mercury analyzer.

Automated analysers for measuring of nutrients, metabolites as well as gases in cell cultures as well as fermentation products.
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Calorimeters, pressure vessels and reactors
 Systec Bench-top and floor autoclaves
Tesalys Logo
Autoclaves that transforms clinical waste into unrecognizable piece such as plastic, knives, scissors, needles etc

Phone.: +45 4326 9400

Vallensbækvej 35
DK-2605 Brøndby

INCUBA Science Park, Skejby
Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 82
8200 Aarhus N

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