Our values and vision

– your guarantee of quality, engagement and commitment

At Holm & Halby, our vision is clear – we want to be:

Denmark's best laboratory company!

The best when it matters:

Product range: We want to have quality products that rank top three in the world

Advice: We want to have Denmark's most qualified employees

Support and service: We want to have Denmark's most well-run and profitable service department

Innovation: We want to be Denmark's most innovative laboratory company measured by services within financing, technical service, seminars, marketing and custom-designed solutions

Finance: We want to be Denmark's most profitable and fastest growing laboratory company

Employees: We want to be Denmark's most attractive and evolving laboratory company to work for

To achieve our vision, all of our employees work every day according to three keywords intended to motivate our customers to choose Holm & Halby as their preferred partner.

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The keywords are:

In order for our customers to have confidence in our competencies in our product area, it is important that we possess extensive knowledge to draw on when we work with our customers to find the equipment solution that is most suitable for them. We also offer our knowledge generously in situations that do not involve customer purchases. This is reflected in our extensive seminar activities, which you can read more about here.

Any acquisition of high-technological equipment is not worth much if your investment does not give you maximum benefit fast. We are therefore convinced that the strength of our collaboration efforts is not really tested until after the equipment has been supplied to the customer. And this is where we want to live up to our customers' expectations for support when they start using the newly acquired equipment.

Any high-technological equipment requires maintenance. And any high-technological equipment will break down at some point in time. We never promise our customers that the equipment will never break down. We approach reality in a practical manner. We have therefore built a large and strong service organisation equipped to assist urgently when help is needed the most, just as we offer routine inspections and maintenance of the equipment to keep the risk of breakdown at a minimum.

At Holm & Halby we are conscious of the personal core values we must pursue every day to achieve our vision. Awareness of these values among the employees at Holm & Halby is what reassures our customers that they will receive a consistently high quality, engagement and commitment from any of Holm & Halby's employees, regardless of whether you are working with a sales consultant, service technician or an in-house officer.

Our values are:

Commitment to solutions:
We will go to great lengths to find sound and useful solutions for our customers.

Intensity and engagement:
The energy, strength, dedication and motivation we put into what we do – expect high performance.

Accountability and credibility:
We will demonstrate the highest level of accountability when we provide support and technical service to our customers. We also want to appear as a highly credible partner when we offer advice and support to our customers.

Fun and unpretentious:
Who says working with laboratory equipment has to be boring.


Phone.: +45 4326 9400

Vallensbækvej 35
DK-2605 Brøndby

INCUBA Science Park, Skejby
Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 82
8200 Aarhus N

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