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Dear valued supplier and business partner!

Dear valued supplier and business partner!


I hereby have the pleasure of sending you our first newsletter for all our suppliers and business partners.

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed about all the activities we do for you and the other suppliers who we represent on the Danish market and the results we gain from these activities.

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Holm & Halby acquires LaboRen

Holm & Halby acquires LaboRen


As of 3 December 2018, Holm & Halby has acquired LaboRen, a supplier of cleanroom consumables and personal protective equipment.

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FryserForum – Network meeting and workshop

FryserForum – Network meeting and workshop


Join an exciting and insightful one-day workshop

On this one-day workshop, Holm & Halby will be facilitating a “freezer day” to put focus on the future’s choice of cold storage.

How are the needs evolving – and what technological advances should we expect in the area?
Where is ultra-freeze heading? And what is the freezer of the future?

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Festive and insightful LabDays completed successfully

Festive and insightful LabDays completed successfully


This year, we welcomed people to LabDays over three days. We kicked off the event with an inspiring and cheerful presentation by Christian Bitz who offered his take on the ideal balance of eating healthy food and ensuring good flavours and tasty produce.

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Holm & Halby celebrates a decade of AAA rating

Holm & Halby celebrates a decade of AAA rating


A trustworthy partner
This year marks 10 consecutive years with AAA rating, which has now given us a gold certificate from Bisnode, the company behind the distinguished credit rating. Only a few companies in Denmark are awarded the gold certificate – this year, only 979 of 308,000 active companies were awarded this prestigious certificate.

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New supplier – Steroglass

New supplier – Steroglass


It is a great pleasure to announce that we have sourced a new supplier, Italian Steroglass whose products are primarily targeted at the food industry.

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