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- ISO 9001 Certification

In December 2012, Holm & Halby earned its ISO 9001 Certification. For many Danish laboratories, the purchasing and servicing of laboratory equipment are important events of crucial importance to the laboratory’s own success – a process where companies would do well to minimise deviations, wrong purchases and breakdowns.

HH Web Iso6At Holm & Halby, a considerable share of our daily activities involve the services we provide to our customers. It is what we consider “our product” – not in the sense that we produce equipment ourselves, but in the sense that we produce “services”, whether it is calibration, maintenance, validation, repairs, teaching or counselling.
It goes without saying that high-quality products are important to all laboratories. So the fact that Holm & Halby is now ISO 9001 certified brings you several benefits. It ensures that you will receive highly documented and verified quality in all processes of our collaboration.

ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
Holm & Halby has also obtained certification within ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 45001 (working environment).
Being a customer of Holm & Halby, it means you can always expect that when we select instruments for the Danish laboratory market, we choose equipment that ensures the most environmentally-friendly operation, we provide service on equipment in the most environmentally sustainable way, and we ensure that the environmental aspect is part of the equation when we offer advice to our customers.

The same approach is taken to the working environment where Holm & Halby endeavours to be a company that integrates occupational health and safety across the board – in the everyday working practices of our employees, the manner in which we perform service for you as a customer and when we advise our customers on their daily use of instruments purchased from Holm & Halby. Better safe than sorry!

Being certified within the environment and working environment, we ensure the areas have our continuous attention. It enables us to create a skilled workforce that will naturally become better at offering advice and providing services to our customers within these two specific areas as well.

Download certificates
You can download our certificates  here:

Download DK/UK certificate ISO9001:2015 (2022-2024)

Download DK/UK certificate ISO14001:2015 (2022-2024)

Download DK/UK certificate ISO 45001 - 2022


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