New supplier of -90°C and -150°C freezers

Arctiko is our new Danish supplier of laboratory freezers. Offering a wide range of -90°C and -150°C laboratory freezers, Arctiko is the perfect extension of our already wide selection of laboratory freezers.

New supplier of -90°C and -150°C freezers

The agreement with Arctiko means that Holm & Halby is now the exclusive distributor in Denmark of these strong products.

Arctiko is a Danish manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers with customers all over the world. The product programme includes chest and upright freezers in many sizes – and with temperatures as low as -150°C.

TRUE DUAL on -90°C and -150°C freezers
Several of the freezers are engineered with the intelligent TRUE DUAL™ technology. This means that the freezers have two independent cooling cycles, which supply the needed temperature together. In the unlikely event of a breakdown of either of the cycles, the cycle that is still operating will keep the temperature close to the required temperature until the needed repair has been carried out.

Our service staff have of course already received full training in the new freezers, and we can already offer both service and service agreements on new and old Arctiko freezers.
Read more about our service of low-temperature freezers here (in Danish)

Contact us
If you would like to know more about the freezers, please read more here (in Danish). You are also welcome to contact our product specialist Charlotte S. Madsen for more information.

Phone.: +45 4326 9400

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DK-2605 Brøndby

INCUBA Science Park, Skejby
Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 82
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