25 years at Holm & Halby

Friday the 15th January, Morten Dyrner celebrated his 25th anniversary at Holm & Halby. Morten started his work at Holm & Halby back in 1992 - but a stint elsewhere before the (re) employment in 1996 means that Morten can "only" celebrate his uninterrupted 25th anniversary.

25 years at Holm & Halby

For more than 21 years, Morten has been CEO at Holm & Halby, where he, thanks to his good eye for strategy and good business acumen, has formed a company that has been in constant and uninterrupted growth since his joining, and which has just achieved a historically good year.

At the same time, with his calm bearing, human insight and understanding, he has created a culture with strong values, which despite demands for results makes Holm & Halby a desirable and secure place to be employed. This is underlined by 10th, 15th and 20th year anniversaries that are regularly celebrated among the company’s employees.

In addition to his great commitment to Holm & Halby, Morten also holds board positions in the AddLife Group: He is chairman of the board of BergmanLabora AB and LabRobot AB, and a member of the board of BioNordika Norway AS and LAB-Vent Controls. In addition, he actively participates in the industry association Dialab as a member of the board, chairman of the PR / exhibitor committee and the statistics committee.

Morten is a passionate cyclist, he spends a large part of his spare time in a yellow jersey, where he, as the initiator of Team Rynkeby Vestegnen and as captain of the team, rides to Paris with Holm & Halby’s and AddLife’s logo on the jersey.

Due to Covid-19, we could unfortunately not host a reception on the day - but save the date Thursday 20 May at 2:00 p.m. - where we hope to be able to gather again and congratulate Morten.

Sincere congratulations to Morten


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