New supplier – Tecan microplate readers and washers

Holm & Halby has switched to another supplier in the area of microplate readers and microplate washers. As of 1 September, we have entered an agreement with Tecan Nordic on the sale and service of Tecan’s microplate readers and washers in Denmark.

New supplier – Tecan microplate readers and washers

Multimode microplate readers – microplate washers
Tecan offers a wide range of high-quality products already operating in many Danish laboratories. It gives you ample opportunity to select the right solution for your specific application. Our product specialists are the same that sold BioTek’s products – only now they are even more experienced and capable of offering you even better advice when you are to choose the right solution for your specific application.

The agreement also implies that regardless of where you previously bought or had your Tecan microplate readers serviced, you must now contact Holm & Halby for advice, support and service. However, if it concerns the purchase or servicing of robots, contact is still to be made to Tecan Nordic directly.
All our technicians are educated at our suppliers. It guarantees you correct results and a long operating life for your instruments.

What about servicing of BioTek Instruments?
We will still be servicing BioTek’s products fully. We have full access to all spare parts and are qualified to service all BioTek’s present products – so we are still able to service your BioTek equipment in future no matter where and when you bought it.

If you would like to know more about Tecan – or microplate readers or microplate washers – you are welcome to contact our product specialists or read more on our danish website

Aske Bech Rasmussen

Aske Bech Rasmussen

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Vivi Brammer


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