They passed the cleanroom certification

Two times CTCB-I cleanroom certification.

In September 2017, two of our LAF technicians, Michael Asferg Jensen and Anders Balslev, earned their CTCB-I (Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board International) certification at the ”Professional Level” in Gothenburg, Sweden.

They passed the cleanroom certification

Two levels of certification
There are two levels of CTCB-I certification:

  • ”Associate Level” certification means you understand the theory of cleanroom testing and can comprehend and interpret test results.
  • ”Professional Level” certification covers the above, but also means you command the testing technique and can carry out tests independently.

It goes without saying that we are proud of the certifications earned by our two skilled technicians. With the achievements, we are adding another layer of quality to our services and counselling in the cleanroom field – congratulations to both of you.

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