Health and safety policy of Holm & Halby A/S

A sound working environment is a prerequisite for Holm & Halby to deliver good results for our company and our employees.

A sound working environment is a prerequisite for Holm & Halby to deliver good results for our company and our employees.
Holm & Halby will ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, thus ensuring that the company is an attractive and safe place to work at.

At Holm & Halby, we believe that a healthy working environment fosters committed and content employees and reduces sick leaves. It is important for us to focus on the wellbeing of our employees – a healthy psychological working environment has top priority.

Holm & Halby is a company that sells safety equipment designed to ensure a high degree of prevention at our customers – we want to live up to this internally in our business as well.

Holm & Halby will:

•    Comply with occupational health and safety legislation and regulatory requirements and will set its own
      standards in areas needed
•    Plan our work in a manner ensuring a sound physical and psychological working environment where each
      employee is thriving and can develop
•    Improve efforts within the working environment continuously to create a good physical working environment
      that exposes the employees to a minimum of harmful effects
•    Integrate working environment conditions in decisions about major investments and expansions
•    Will prevent occupational accidents and burdens caused by the working environment
•    Train our customers in the safety equipment we sell, e.g. LAF cabinets, with a view to preventing burdens that
      are hazardous to health. Holm & Halby will ensure that its customers receive a high degree of information
•    Ensure that the receipt, handling and disposal of laboratory equipment take place in such a manner that
      neither people nor the environment are burdened
•    Personal safety declarations are an important part of our preventive work in relation to our technicians
All in all, it is important to Holm & Halby that the daily work both internally in the company and externally at our customers takes place in a healthy and safe working environment and that Holm & Halby collaborates with our customers to put the working environment high on the agenda.

Holm & Halby’s ISO 45001 management system covers:

•    Consultancy, project management, education and support on laboratory equipment
•    Sales, service and repair of laboratory equipment
•    Recognised company according to installation, repair and service of refrigeration

Our environmental targets and health and safety environment targets change from year to year since they are set and achieved regularly, e.g. in connection with workplace assessment every three years and environmental assessment every year. All of this is written into an annual environmental/safety and health environment report.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure Holm & Halby works actively to reach defined environmental targets and health and safety environment targets.

Holm & Halby endeavours to be a company that integrates occupational health and safety across the board – in the everyday working practices of our employees, the manner in which we perform service for you as a customer and when we advise our customers on their daily use of instruments purchased from Holm & Halby.

Download the Danish OHSAS18001 certificate here (PDF) (v.2018)

Download the English OHSAS 18001 certificate here (PDF) (v.2018)

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