ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental policy

At Holm & Halby, we are environmentally conscientious. It is important to us that our customers and the surrounding communities think of us as environmentally responsible.

We are environmentally responsible when:

... our customers
•   see us solve tasks with respect for the environment
•   are advised on how to operate the equipment in the most environmentally friendly way
•   are offered service contracts (aimed to achieve optimum operation of equipment)

… our employees
•   are familiar with environmentally safe behaviour
•   think of the environment when solving tasks (planning, implementation and postprocessing).
… our suppliers:
•   meet our and our customers’ needs and requirements for environment-friendly products
•   are competent consultants in environmental matters in relation to their products and servicing thereof

… we as a company
•   has made it a permanent goal to reduce our environmental impact
•   raises awareness of environmental matters among our customers, our employees, our suppliers and our collaboration partners
•   sets ambitious environmental targets and reaches them
•   draws attention to goals and achieved results.

Environmental targets:
At Holm & Halby, we want to encourage our employees to exhibit environmental friendliness , e.g. by giving them information at staff meetings.

We want to establish and comply with the waste management regulations of the Municipality of Brøndby and ensure the best possible recycling of scrap, old products, etc.

We will as far as possible encourage the lessor of the building we occupy to energy label the building, thereby aiming to reduce the energy consumption for heating.

Holm & Halby wants to systematise the environmental work so as to obtain certification.

Examples of environmental targets:
•    Full transition to LED lighting, thus leading to a considerable reduction
      in electricity consumption
•    Establishment of a solar cell system for electricity generation, e.g. for
      air conditioning, thus leading to a considerable reduction in electricity
•    A 3% reduction in fuel consumption, achieved by *competition and
      possibly an on-road training course
•    5% reduction in heat consumption through central heating
•    100% use of Nordic Ecolabel printed matters
•    100% use of corn starch packaging
•    Transition to central heating
•    Record-keeping of fuel consumption

Customers of Holm & Halby can rest assured that we will select instruments for the Danish laboratory market whose operation has the smallest possible impact on the environment. You can also be sure that our daily service performed on equipment is done in an environmentally sustainable way and that we will include environmental aspects in the advice we offer to our customers.

Download the Danish ISO 14001:2015 certificate here (PDF) (v.2018)

Download the English ISO 14001:2015 certificate here (PDF) (v.2018)

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